Daughters of Sarah

The daughters of Sarah Fellowship is an arm of Word of Life Bible Church. It consists of women above 25 years of age both married and unmarried. They are known as Proverbs 31 women.

Our vision is to assist our parent body, Word of Life Bible Church to actualize her vision of Building the people, that build the nations.

Our Objective
  • To empower women spiritually, physically, materially and economically by providing an avenue where women could stand and function amongst others.
  • Be taught and equipped for effective and efficient performance of their God given roles and responsibilities in their respective families and communities.
  • Learn the virtue of industry so that they can positively affect their families, communities and society.
Daughters of Sarah International Convention

It is the yearly women conference of the Word Of Life Bible Church. This convention has alongside it an International Trade Fair where Christians have the opportunity to expose their business to the world. Its such a time for women but not only for them as Men, Youths and Children are encouraged to participate in this life changing convention.

It's a clarion call for women all over the world to gather every year for the African Congress and let loose in God's presence. It's a time when we refocus on what's really important in our faith, family and future. It's a time of healing, deliverance and salvation. We are tired of the society and the world at large making rules and values for us. W e are tired of doing 75% of the work and receiving 25% of the pay. It's our time to arise, especially in Africa.

Previous year's convention regularly featured special sessions for the family, awards of scholarships to students from Universities/ Polytechnics/Colleges of Education by the ministry as we have always done. These are for the four/five and six year courses respectively.

The Person of Sarah

Sarah, the wife of Abraham is the most mentioned woman in the Bible. Her name means princess. She was so beautiful at the age of eighty that Pharaoh coveted her. Her beauty not withstanding, she had deep trust in God and great reverence for her husband who she called 'lord'. As Abraham is called the father of many nations and the father of faith, so is Sarah called the mother of many nations and the mother of faith-Gen.17:15-16. She was the instrument through which the Abrahamic seed of covenant was birthed.

The Apostle Paul presented her as a pattern and example for all godly women to follow. I Pet.3:6.

  • A day with the lord: 15-10-2018
  • A day with the lord: 29-10-2018
  • A day with the lord: 05-11-2018
  • A day with the lord: 19-11-2018
  • DOS Service: Receive your dead back to life

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