The Church

The International Gospel Center, Ajamimogha Warri. From a very humble beginning of using a class room to a ware house and then an open field. Thanks be to God, that today, we are in our 35,000 Seater Church Auditorium, one of the largest in the world.

This structure can seat over 35,000 adults, 17,000 children and a conference centre sitting over 5,000 people. This indeed is one of the biggest Church building in the world because it has actually sat over a 100,000 people during one of our crusades.

    • Integrity: Members are expected to show complete moral and ethical uprightness in their decisions and actions. II Cor. 8:21, Prov. 11:3, 20:7
    • Accountability: It is expected that members should be responsible for their actions and inactions. Lk.16:2, Matt.16:27
    • Leadership by Example: Leadership must transform and motivate. As role models, leaders at all levels should be absolutely transparent by doing the things they say or expect of others. Matt.16:27
    • Initiative: Members must recognize their responsibilities to make things happen.Phil.3:13-14
    • Growth and Development: Members must be involved in activities that would enable them to release their potentials and develop their talents. I Pet.2:2 Eph.4:14-15, II Tim.4:14, I Tim.1:6.
    • Service: The idea of making contributions continually shall be the mindset of members. Mark 10:45.
    • Love: Members should show empathy and seek opportunity to do good to all men especially to them that are of the house hold of faith. Gal. 6:10, I John 3: 17-18.
    • EQUITY: Members should at all times exhibit a high sense of trust and fair play in their interpersonal relations. Luke 6:31.

    Word of Life bible church defines membership on the basis of Acts 2: 41-42 "...then they that gladly received his word were baptized... and they continued steadfastly in the Apostles doctrines and fellowship and in breaking of bread and in prayers".

    Thus a member shall be one who believes in the Gospel. Baptized by the immersion.Attends teaching centre, Home Fellowship and meetings consistently. Faithful in paying His/Her tithes.Well known by leaders and brethren of the home fellowship with respect to type of business/Job engaged in and general life-style.Based on the above membership definition, anyone that falls short of this requirement would be referred to as a Nominal member.

           We believe:
    • That the holy Bible consisting of 66 books is the inspired, authoritative and infallible word of God. II Tim.3:16-17.
    • That the God-Head consists of Three persons in one: The father, Son and the Holy Spirit. II Cor. 13-14.
    • In repentance towards God. Acts 3:19.
    • In justification and regeneration. John 3:3.
    • In Restitution where possible. Luke 19:8-9.
    • In Sanctification (Holiness). I Thess. 4:3.
    • In baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues and in the gift of the Holy Spirit. Mk. 16:17-18.
    • In water Baptism by Immersion. Acts 8:38,39.
    • In Divine Healing. Isaiah. 53:5.
    • In the second coming of Jesus Christ as literal and visible as His First ascension to Heaven. Acts 1:9-11.
    • In Eternal Heaven and eternal hell. Rev. 14:1-11.
    • That the lord's supper should be observed by all believers in accordance with I Cor. 11:23-28.
    • That excerpts where otherwise provided for in Scriptural marriage is binding for life. Matt. 11:9, I Cor.7:15.
    • That tithing is a command to all believers. Mal. 3:7-10.

    We operate a unique system of worship wherein we meet generally for service on Sunday only. The weekly services and other training are done in our respective teaching centers spread all over Delta state.


    We operate a home fellowship system with a vision to establish about ten on every street in our city (Warri) and a total of ten thousand allover the state. we are on the move home fellowship centers are being established on a daily basis.

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