Action Youth for Christ

This is the Youth arm of the church. The purpose of having a youth arm is so as to be in a position to attend to the peculiarities of the youth because we believe that without God fearing, Spirit-filled youths, we have no future.

We take time to teach our youths to lead exemplary Christian lifestyles in the light of 1Tim 4:12. Ministering to their emotions, personalities based on sound biblical principles so that on the whole, they can be bold, confident and balanced individuals well able to lead themselves and others.

Periodic academic assistance through holiday lectures. Seminars and workshops, camp meetings are organized for fellowship and interaction among youths for growth in career development, business, relationships. Skill acquisition Programmes are also organized so that the youths can be gainfully employed and financially empowered.

Youths are actively engaged in reaching out to other youths in our communities with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We reach out to schools, hospitals, markets, prisons etc. We are also actively engaged in the church projects such as building projects and the like. These activities help to keep the youths engaged and also give them opportunities for skills acquisition.

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